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Meditation-inspired Visioning

An Experiential Method to Envision the Future






design, futures thinking, visions, meditation


As humans we are urged to imagine and realise radically different, more desirable, and most importantly more sustainable futures (Hulme 2020; Pereira et al. 2019). However, the dominance of dystopian scenarios of irreversible environmental and social collapse, along with business- as-usual scenarios, hinder progress and contribute to a gap in futures literature relating to imagining desirable visions for humanity and how to reach them (Bennett et al. 2016; Rana et al. 2020). In this short paper, I share an experiential, meditation-inspired visioning exercise that can aid in enhancing people’s capacity to envision desirable and motivational futures.

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Neuhoff, R. (2023). Meditation-inspired Visioning: An Experiential Method to Envision the Future. Cubic Journal, 6(6), 116–119.



Author Biography

Rike Neuhoff, Aalborg University

Rike Neuhoff is a PhD student at Aalborg University in Denmark. Her research explores how participatory design approaches can be combined with futuring approaches to support a democratic transformation towards circular cities. 


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