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Shifting the Value of Experience

From Design to Strategy






x thinking, experience design, experience strategy, design, strategy


This paper is a reflection of the evolution of a user experience (UX) consultancy's transformation into a brand experience consultancy in an increasingly competitive market in China. As part of this transformation, the value of design has shifted from tactical to strategic. The authors compare and contrast the nature of experience design and experience strategy and how they are delivered to close the gap between designers and strategists. While this paper serves as a case study of one consultancy in China, the lessons, knowledge, and understanding gained are applicable to the user experience industry and global design community at large.

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Lai, M. T., & Tang, H.-H. (2023). Shifting the Value of Experience: From Design to Strategy. Cubic Journal, 6(6), 76–97.



Author Biographies

Michael T Lai, Tongji University

Michael T Lai is associate professor of Tongji University’s College of Design & Innovation. In addition, he is Dean of X Thinking Institute, Senior Vice President of Knowledge Management & Senior Partner of TANG Consulting, and co-author of the book X Thinking. His research focuses on eXperience Thinking (X Thinking) as a business philosophy for businesses to use eXperiences as a competitive advantage in the age of the experience economy. He oversees the knowledge development, application and management for TANG to enhance the value and delivery of TANG’s offerings to clients. Mike's experience covers a wide number of industries in the United States and Greater China, including creating insurance retail stores in the financial industry. His clients have included companies such as Nationwide Insurance, JPMorgan Chase, Legg Mason, Baojun, Amway, Changhong, Alliance Data, and Big Lots.

Hsien-Hui Tang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Prof. Hsien-Hui Tang has been working in the field of design education, research and practice for almost 20 years. He conducts research projects, publishes academic papers, executes design projects and attends academic and practice international events every year. In recent years, Prof. Tang has focused on experience strategy as well asthe synergy between business strategy and design practice. In design practice, his team has won more than 20 international awards, including iF, Red Dot Best of Best, CHI SDC Gold award, UXPA UX Gold Award, SDN Service Design Gold Award. In design education, he has lectured more than 100 design thinking or UXSD workshops at school and in industry, helping students to acquire knowledge about user experience & service design. Clients include Taiwan Creative Center, China Productivity Center, Alibaba, New Oriental Online, P&G, RT-Mart, and Fubon Bank.