Missing Piece. Source: Chelsey Hung.
Visual Soliloquy the Anti-Social of Design


  • Marko Stanojevic Hong Kong Polytechnic University





Anti-Social, Soliloquy, Branding, Self, Logo


Visual Soliloquy contributes to the discussion of how graphic and information design contributes to social through design. In linking the work to notions as self-branding, micro celebrities and self-branding in defining social value for individuals. The use of the soliloquy concept is aligned with both the anti-social undertaking and social endeavor of design as praxis within the field of communication design. As evidence, the concept is supported through examples of design work and their material explorations.

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Stanojevic, M. (2018). Visual Soliloquy the Anti-Social of Design. Cubic Journal, 1(1), 136–151. https://doi.org/10.31182/cubic.2018.1.008



Author Biography

Marko Stanojevic, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Marko Stanojevic is a product designer who also branched off into the fields of graphic design, branding, and productservice system design. He runs Bureau Zero, based on more than twenty years of professional experience in Europe. He is currently a Lecturer in the School of Design, of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and a teaching fellow at The Hong Kong Design Institute, specialising in product and communication design. His approach to design is multidisciplinary, and combines mixed design theory with practice, which in time, has led to commonalities and differences within the creative processes as well as a more complex understanding to design. His current interests focus on non-lingual narration, message transferences, and the creation of appropriate communication across disciplinary entrenchment.


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