Fifth Region






storytelling, design futuring, spatial narrative, speculative visualisation


Lucas Kwok’s Fifth Region is a speculative spatial narrative. Positing a new region in the air above Hong Kong in 2060, as the city below has become too crowded to live in. At a time when previously scripted futures of this city are currently being hastily re-written, Fifth Region presents an allegorical parable, a critique of overpopulation, density and government control of land, as well as an imaginary vision of a utopia escaping the city below. Kwok’s project works on two scales: the first reveals the megastructures of the Fifth Region that tower over the city below, the second focuses on the everyday to imagine future lives, and events within the clouds. In eight chapters, scenarios are imagined and linked, with aleatory events and moments occurring in the Fifth Region's evolution. The narratives construction reveals how the accumulation of micro events lead to transformative scenarios traceable in visual motifs to earlier chapters. The Fifth Region explicitly implies new political and socio-economic orders – evident, for example, in how upper floor residents may end up polluting those who live below and in the hypothetical creation of new social and economic hierarchies depending on one’s height above ground.

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Hasdell, P., & Kwok, C.-F. L. (2022). Fifth Region. Cubic Journal, 5(5), 74–85.



Author Biographies

Peter Hasdell, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Peter Hasdell is an academic at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has taught architecture and design in the Bartlett School, KTH Arkitektur, University of Manitoba,Hong Kong University and others. He was formerly a researcher at Chora Institute of Architecture and Urbanism and the Centre for Architecture Structures and Technology and is the founder and director of Architecture and Urban Research Lab (A+URL) and In-Situ Project. His research focuses on metabolic architecture on the scales of the city (city as a life form, urban ecology), and as architecture (interactive and responsive architectures).

Chin-Fung Lucas Kwok

Kwok Chin-Fung Lucas is an independent designer born and based in Hong Kong. Alumni of the Hong Kong Design Institute, he subsequently received his BA in Design (Honours) in the Environment and Interior Design programme from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design in 2019 where he graduated at the top of his class. He currently works in a diverse range of interior, brand renewal, packaging, and graphic design fields. His work, which comprises of projects such as Fifth Region , Be there, Soulscape, and Rays of Happiness is reflected in careful and innovative work processes which have caught the attention of media including Soho House magazine, HKDIA, Perspective, RTHK, The locals and Design Xcel.


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