Connecting Memories, or the Making of an Inverted Archival Tree






asia art archive, ha bik-chuen, hong kong, knowledge production, music


Collect. Connect. I was intrigued by the correspondence between these two words, when I, primarily as a creative writer, started my residency at the Asia Art Archive (AAA) in Hong Kong, where I was invited to focus on AAA’s Ha Bik Chuen Archive (H.B.C Archive). Ha (1925–2009) was a well-known artist, a fervent collector of exhibition catalogues, documentations, and the photographs he took at these exhibitions, among other things. Visiting the HBC Archive and his old home, I started to think of Mrs. Ha, of the impossibility of a collection without connection. We collectively remember; we connect for memories. If we can’t know of what, we can at least know with whom. This essay documents my – or our – project titled Connective Memories , or the making of an inverted archival tree, a project that brought me into contact with six young people and over to the field of music. I end with a song on faith and letter-writing.

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Chow, Y.-F. (2022). Connecting Memories, or the Making of an Inverted Archival Tree. Cubic Journal, 5(5), 52–61.



Author Biography

Yiu-Fai Chow, Hong Kong Baptist University

Chow Yiu-Fai is professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University. His publications cover gender politics and creative practices, including Caring in the Time of Precarity: A Study of Single Women Doing Creative Work in Shanghai (Palgrave 2019) and Sonic Multiplicities: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image (Intellect 2013, co-authored). Chow is also an award-winning writer in lyrics and prose. Lately, he has been increasingly involved in multi-media and visual art projects.


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