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We called the global creative community for contributions by summer 2020 in an attempt to map practices for generating and sharing alternative knowledges across a variety of creative methods and forms.

Our call accepts that there may be an infinite number of equally valid, but possibly less accessible – or merely accessible by certain communities – knowledge systems, much like concurrent physics is considering the existence of a multiverse of parallel universes. If this were indeed our view, then obviously it would be a futile exercise articulating a comprehensive overview of all existing/possible systems. Instead, all we may attempt is articulating potential frameworks to qualitatively and/or quantitatively describe such systems.

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Benz, P., Wei, H., & Wong, J. C.-T. (2022). Alternative Knowledges — Communities · Creativity · Narration. Cubic Journal, 5(5), 4–13.



Author Biographies

Peter Benz, Hong Kong Baptist University

Peter Benz is an associate professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU with an interest in the investigation and development of possibilities and methodologies for experience as a creative medium; everyday objects, in everyday products and ‘un-designed’ marginal spaces; and issues of economic livelihoods, gender inclusivity, social impact of creative practices which he explores through surveys, statistical analysis and mappings. Especially because of the latter preoccupation he's become increasingly involved with exploring alternative means, forms, and approaches for academic publishing.

Huaxin Wei, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Huaxin Wei is an associate professor in the School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests span across several fields including interactive narrative, game design and analysis, and interaction design, with a focus on meaningful interactive experiences. Her research on game narrative has resulted in a framework for analysing video games from a range of narrative perspectives.

Justin Chiu-Tat Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University

Justin Chiu-Tat Wong, was an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU. His research interests include comics studies, generative comic, and the development of political cartoons in Hong Kong. He began his career as political cartoonist and illustrator in 2007 when he started publishing his daily political cartoon column Gei Gei Gaak Gaak in Ming Pao. Since then, several comics series such as Lonely Planet, Hello World, This City / That City were published along the years. His publications include Lonely Plant, Hello World, New Hong Kong, Big Time , and Je préfèrerais ne pas.


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