An Education of Intuition and Process

Learning Architectural Design at Hong Kong Design Institute






architecture education, fabrication, making, hong kong


This paper is a positioning statement and expository article describing design and fabrication projects built by students and faculty of the Hong Kong Design Institute’s (HKDI’s) Architecture programme. Through a series of experimental design-build projects, HKDI faculty teaches students the knowledge and experience to be gained through personal fabrication work, whether wholly manual or digitally assisted. The author stages the work against a series of excerpts from notable architects’ writings, describing a field of study relating tacit knowledge, architectural education, and fabrication specifics students explore through projects in Hong Kong and South China. Lessons and summary bodies of knowledge drawn from these preliminary projects define the path forward for HKDI’s spatial design pedagogy and research.

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Chan, E. (2020). An Education of Intuition and Process: Learning Architectural Design at Hong Kong Design Institute. Cubic Journal, 3(3), 166–181.



Author Biography

Eddie Chan, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

Eddie Chan received his architectural education at the Architectural Association and the University of East London before returning to Hong Kong. After practising at architecture offices such as the Ronald Lu & Partners and the Oval Partnership, Chan continued his career as a full-time lecturer of the Architectural Design Programme at the Hong Kong Design Institute where he has been since 2013. His work includes architecture, exhibition design, furniture design, curatorship and community engagement activities.


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